Fungi Cleaning

An unfortunate downside to being a homeowner is discovering fungi within your home. Many cracks and crevices harvest fungi as a result of water damage and leakage which can be hard to remove with common household cleaners. fungi presence in your home can cause health issues for you and your loved ones. If you become suspicious of any fungi presence in your home, contact Attic and Crawlspace immediately! Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and have the capability to determine fungi presence, rate of growth, toxicity, and ability to effectively remove fungi and create a safe home environment for you and your family.Attic and Crawl Space Solutions Services Entail:

  • Thorough fungi inspection of entire home
  • Testing of air samples in a laboratory setting. Samples are identified and evaluated for specific identification of fungi spores in the air samples
  • Complete and effective fungi elimination using effective and safe equipment
  • Full after treatment air tests to evaluate treatment effectiveness
  • Complete evaluation of all rendered services. Written results of both pre and post air samples and test results

At Attic and Crawlspace, we strive for 100% customer gratification at every site and for every job we complete. As fungi elimination experts, we help you understand and address your fungi issues while further protecting you family from any potential health, home, or safety issues.